Nicepak Baby Club

Are you a parent or soon-to-be parent looking for a supportive community that understands your journey? Look no further! The Nice Pak Baby Club is here to provide you with a warm and friendly space to connect, learn, and grow. By joining our club, you'll gain access to a world of amazing benefits that will make your parenting experience even more enjoyable.

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πŸŽ‰ Exciting Competitions

Who doesn't adore a little friendly competition? Join our club for thrilling contests and a chance to win fantastic prizes! Each month, we surprise 5 lucky winners with a delightful hamper of baby essentials to make life easier. Come and join the fun!


πŸ’– Fabulous Rewards

Come and be part of our parenting joy celebration! As a member, you'll receive exclusive rewards, like discounts on baby essentials and delightful surprise gifts. We're here to pamper you because you truly deserve it!


πŸ€— Friendly Advice

Our incredible team of mums and healthcare pros is ready to offer expert guidance on parenting and health. Embrace the journey and empower yourself with our support today! You've got this!

Winner Announcement

These hampers will be sent to your designated postal address for you to enjoy, congratulations and enjoy.

November 2023 Winners

  • Amy from Bassendean, WA
  • Raine from Clare, SA
  • Molly from Brassall, QLD
  • Seannon from Rocky Creek, NSW
  • Hayley from Mount Duneed, VIC

Here's a sneak peek at what our hampers may include:

  • 🌟 1x babyU Dry Wipes
  • 🌟 1x babyU Nappy Bags – 50pk
  • 🌟 1x Milton Antibacterial Tablets 30pk
  • 🌟 1x GAIA Sleeptime Bath 250mL
  • 🌟 1x Sudocrem 10g Tub
  • 🌟 1x tooshies Pure Water Wipes

Please note that the product colours will be selected at random, adding an element of surprise to your bundle of joy!

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