Treat vaginal discomfort

Multi-Gyn Active Gel 50mL

Helps to treat and prevent vaginal discomforts.

Helps in the prevention and treatment of vaginal discomforts like discharge, irritation, odour, itch, sensitivity, redness and soreness. The patented 2QR-complex blocks harmful bacterial in an effective way.

Multi-Gyn is based on the patented 2QR-complex. This is a natural substance which is derived from medicinal plants (aloe) and consists of bio-active polysaccharides. It has the unique ability to act as a mechanical barrier, blocking adhesion of harmful bacteria to tissues effectively neutralizing these bacteria. The growth of the useful lactobacilli in the vagina is left unhindered. This is extremely important for the vaginal flora.

Available at Amcal & Chemart Pharmacies and other selected pharmacies


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