Better Air Vaporiser

Better Air Machine BA-008

Protect the spaces where you spend most of your time!

As the world’s first and only AIR, SURFACE and OBJECT purifier, the Better Air BA-008 model is revolutionizing the way we approach indoor air quality and environmental hygiene. Our patented technology introduces the power of Environmental Probiotics™ to your indoor surroundings by emitting a repetitive flow of probiotics into enclosed small living and work spaces.

Bacteria, allergens, dust mites and mold are found everywhere. They are transferred by touch and spread by inhalation of shared air therefore treating the air alone will not stop them from traveling and inhabiting the most hidden of spaces such as inside mattresses, keyboards, toys, carpets, sinks and more!

Our solution targets all spaces, whether seen or unseen by infiltrating areas with an army of good bacteria. Every 30 minutes, millions of probiotics are dispersed into the air for 30 seconds and inhabit areas where bad bacteria reside. They deplete the resources that the harmful bacteria thrive on leaving them little chance of survival.

What’s different about Environmental Probiotics™? The creation of a healthy microbiome with a balance of good and bad bacteria. Pathogens do not build immunity to the probiotics which means they are prevented from from mutating into superbugs.

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