Checking for head lice

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  • April 14, 2016

It’s advisable to check all members of your family at least once a week, especially if you have school-age children.

Choose a comfortable, well lit area.

Hair can either be dry or wet (use water or conditioner). Comb thorough the hair with an ordinary comb to get rid of any tangles.

You may find a magnifying glass helpful to check that what you have found is an insect rather than a flake of skin or dirt.

If you are using conditioner the comb may need rinsing during checking.

After use, wash your comb with clean soapy water and then thoroughly rinse and dry before storing in a dry place.

Treatment should only be undertaken if live lice are found. If nits, but no lice are found after thoroughly checking then these are likely to be from an old infection which is no longer current and treatment is not necessary.

Should you find head lice in your child you will need to treat them. We recommend Hedrin. If you have any questions about Hedrin please visit our FAQ page here.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.


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