Better Air Spray 50mL

Better Air 50mL Spray

Better Air On-the-Go

Humans are social creatures. We share ideas, knowledge and love, and when traveling, we share bacteria.

Spraying Better Air Environmental Probiotics™ on your surroundings while travelling creates a microflora of good bacteria around you. After saturating your personal space with probiotics, you drastically reduce the likelihood of allergens and pathogens invading the treated areas.

While in an airplane, the gym, hotel room or on mass transportation, Better Air sprays are a must everywhere you go. Every breath you inhale is shared through recycled air coming from poorly ventilated or contaminated industrial HVAC systems. Allergens, dust mites and even mould spores are distributed into the air and land on shared surfaces and objects such as railings, remote controls, toothbrushes, pillows, and more!

Ever find yourself in a room that smells of must or mildew? Simply spray Environmental Probiotics™ in the air and on most commonly used surfaces and objects and help diminish bad odours and reduce a bacterial or allergy outbreak.

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