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Apr 14, 2016 | FAQ

Your questions about Infacol, answered.

What is Infacol?
Infacol Wind Drops are an effective method of treating wind in infants. Simethicone is the active ingredient in Infacol, which causes the small bubbles of gas in the baby’s stomach to join together. This forms a larger bubble which can be easily expelled.

When can I give my child Infacol as a colic treatment?
Infacol Wind Drops are safe to use on children aged 4 weeks and up.

What dose of Infacol do I give to my baby?
0.2ml of Infacol should be given before each feed, either directly into the baby’s mouth or in a bottle.

How often can I use Infacol?
Infacol can be used up to 12 times a day, and should be administered before each feed. Infacol’s active ingredient, Simethicone, does not get absorbed into the baby’s body. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.

How soon should I see Infacol working?
Treatment with Infacol may provide a progressive improvement over several days. You should see a difference in the frequency and severity of your baby’s crying attacks over a period of days.

Can Infacol cause drowsiness or sedation?
No, Infacol is not absorbed into the bloodstream and has no effects on the central nervous system.

Are the symptoms of colic and lactose intolerance the same?
Whilst there are some similarities between the symptoms of colic and lactose intolerance – it is important to note that the main difference is that the lactose intolerant baby suffers from diarrhoea. The pressure generated by lactose and lactic acid in the stomach produces an influx of water leading to a swollen abdomen and acidic diarrhoea. If you suspect your baby may be suffering from lactose intolerance, contact your health care professional or family doctor.

Can Infacol Wind Drops cause constipation?
We have no reports of Infacol causing constipation.

If the Infacol is added to a bottle of milk but not finished, can the bottle be placed in the fridge then microwaved later without harm?
No. Microwaves do not heat foods/liquids evenly and some milk may reach a temperature which will degrade the effectiveness Infacol.

Can Infacol be administered with water or juice, instead of milk?
Yes. Product mixes with water. Drink should be administered immediately after mixing.


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